Bipartisan ACTION to Secure Elections

BASE is an action hub for a national movement of citizens, organizations, lawmakers, computer scientists and elections officials, uniting across party lines to achieve urgently needed election security reforms.

BASE is a project of the National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC), a non-partisan organization building a bipartisan movement for meaningful election security since 2013. Through successful advocacy, NEDC and coalition partners secured $380 million from Congress in the bipartisan Omnibus funding bill for replacement of insecure, outdated voting technology.  

More federal support is needed, and state elections officials must be pressured to use their funding appropriately to upgrade and secure their infrastructure .

States must:

  • End the use of paperless Touchscreen voting machines and reestablish voter-verified paper ballots as the official record of voter intent.

  • Safeguard against internet-related security vulnerabilities and assure the ability to detect attacks.

  • Require robust post-election hand-count audits before certification of final election results. 

We believe the experts

Top cybersecurity experts from both the left and right continue to warn that electronic voting infrastructure across the United States is fundamentally insecure, leaving us vulnerable to cyberattacks in 2020 and beyond. Worse, such digital vote rigging can remain entirely undetected, particularly where no paper ballots are used to audit voting machine counts.

This crisis impacts all Americans, across regions and political parties. Risks to the infrastructure of our democracy can come from North Korea, Iran, Russia or China - but it is equally vulnerable to rogue domestic hackers and corrupt elections insiders.


We support states’ RIGHTS

to run their own elections with federal support for security and technology standards.

Election security advocates the left and right agree on a fundamental point: it is possible to secure our elections and respect the constitutional balance between states rights and the federal government in election administration.

Local election administrators in small states and rural counties cannot typically afford costly computing and security upgrades or sophisticated training on their own. Just as federal agencies prudently provide support for state law enforcement in dealing with terrorism, federal officials should give guidance and support in dealing with the election cybersecurity threat. 

As more than 100 leading elections and cybersecurity experts argued in a Letter to Congress in 2017, there’s a prudent role for federal standards.



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"We believe there is a framework to secure our elections that can win bipartisan support, minimize costs to taxpayers and respect the constitutional balance between state and federal authorities in managing elections. The best estimates show that we can replace all paperless voting machines in the United States for about the cost of a single F-22 fighter jet, and in fact, the Senate bill would not add to the deficit because it offsets any new spending."

- Michael Chertoff and Grover Norquist in the Washington Post


This website is an organizing hub, offering resources and action toolkits for organizations, coalitions and concerned citizens who care about the security of our ballots.