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Letter to the Georgia Senate and House of Representatives from Lt Col Tony Shaffer (ret)

Acting President, The London Center, 
Adviser to the 2020 campaign of Donald Trump.

“President Trump was right:  We should opt for paper ballots to ensure that we don’t have to worry about hacking.  In this case, the simple solution is the most effective.  As a respected member of the cybersecurity community and the Republican Party, I cannot support HB316.” 

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Deny, Defy, Disdain: Georgia Election Chief Adopts Familiar Voting Security Strategy

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is no longer the state’s chief election official — but his combative style in defending its insecure voting technology lives on.

Fellow Republican Brad Raffensperger, Kemp’s successor as secretary of state, has been pursuing the same approach to the job since taking over in January: Ignore election security experts and malign any advice coming from Washington.

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